Payments and Attendance


A monthly direct debit plan can be set up to cover your monthly membership fees at Box2Burn. A written contract is not required for members to sign up. This allows you to amend your membership requirements at any time. To do so, you may make a request to our administrator who will adjust it for you. These changes may involve a membership level change, changes in bank details, or payment changes.

Box2Burn calculates fees and operating hours at 50 weeks per year, allowing for a one week break at Christmas, and one week at another time during the year that is at the discretion of the Centre’s management. If members have missed a session then they’ll have three weeks to make it up. This also includes the two weeks of the year that B2Box is closed, usual bank holidays, emergency renovations, severe weather conditions, bank holidays, or member illness. There are no limits on how often members can use this attendance offer.


Members are allowed to attend any scheduled sessions without a need to book in advance as long as there is space in that B2Burn class. If scheduled classes are all booked up we’ll please ask members to prebook specific classes. Regular attendance is expected so our members can achieve their fitness goals.


Here at Box2Burn we are fully committed to providing our membership quality boxing classes at reasonable and competitive prices. Should any of our polices change, we’ll amend our membership policies, structure, or prices in writing, and in advance. We won’t change our payment structure without notifying you without your prior permission.


Suspension / Cancellation of Training


Members may suspend their membership at B2Box for up to three months as long as it’s for medical reasons. If you’re requesting a membership payment suspension then it must be accompanied by a medical note from your physician or other such evidence. If you cancel your direct debit or change your banking details without notifying our administrator then there is a £25 administration and rejoining fee to cover the inconvenience and set up that member for training again. Members need to know that if they cancel their payments with Box2Burn that it basically means that they’re cancelling their membership fully.


Box2Burn is a busy fitness club and our classes are in high demand. When  you set up your payment plan with us, it ensures your continuing membership with us, even when you may have short term absences. This also secures members a spot at our boxing club. Members are welcome to make up missed classes at any time by attending other sessions as they’re available, allowing them to take full advantage of their Box2Burn subscription.


Box2Burn reserves the right to cancel a membership at any time. Any member who has not attended a class for three months, and has not notified us, will have their membership automatically cancelled. Payments are considered as holding a membership spot at the boxing club, so refunds will not be authorised. There will also be a £25 administration and rejoining fee if a member wishes to restart their boxing classes again, as long as there is space in their desired class.


Due to insurance requirements we must know at all times how many students we have in training. It’s very important to notify us as soon as possible if you need to cease training temporarily or permanently.


Membership cancellations need to be provided in writing by using the form  included on our site. It can be handed to us in person or sent to us through email. Please note once again that we do not provide refunds for missed classes, so it’s important to notify us as soon as possible.


If there are any questions then we invite you to contract our administration department. These may include questions or concerns about membership, or making changes to your classes or payment plan. Please let us know in advance before making changes through your bank, to avoid administration fees or the accidental cancellation of your membership.


Our Culture / Club Rules


Box2Burn has a set of culture and club rules to make your experience better.
1. Each person who attends our boxing classes should have a positive and enthusiastic attitude which also helps in creating a fun and exciting environment.
2. Every boxing instructor must be addressed with respect.
3. All other staff, volunteers, or administrators must also be addressed and treated with respect.
4. Other students and parents must also be treated with respect, as each person is here to learn.
5. All participants, instructors, parents, and children are asked to please refrain from negative comments directed at others, or our methods or drills.
6. If you have any bad feelings towards another person, you are asked to please leave them at the door before you enter a class.

  1. Any complains or concerns must be provided in writing to [email protected]. These will be dealt with in a timely manner by our club founder and administrator according to our Box2Burn rules and procedures.
  2. All boxing equipment is inspected prior to each class by our head instructor.
  3. All class participants are required to wear club uniforms to each class. The uniform should be clean and tidy. If this isn’t possible please speak to the instructor.
  4. Cleanliness and presentation is extremely important in boxing culture.
  5. Spectators to the classes must remain quiet at all times, unless they’ve been invited to participate. This allows our instructors to give their full attention to the children or adult members of our classes.