bespoke programs to suit your needs and your schedule

1-TO-1 BOX2BURN provides one-to-one training with our pool of expert trainers. We create completely bespoke programs to suit your needs and your schedule. Whether you are starting out in boxing, want to lose weight, or are already an athlete, we will improve your overall fitness and fine-tune your skills.

Billy and his team have hundreds of satisfied clients who achieved their goals whilst having fun. Now it is your turn to be part of our growing BOX2BURN community. Get in touch now for more info.

£7 for 7 days

Try our adult classes for a week and pay just £7. A great taster session before you commit to the gym and see if you enjoy it.
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I have trained my whole life but as I reached my 30s my passion, drive and results all slipped. I'd put on weight, felt awful and looked awful. Training with Billy and the team at Box2burn sorted that immediately. The weight started coming off straight away and I felt more athletic and my passion for training came back. You will never do a session that you don't enjoy and the trainers keep you motivated and you constantly learn while your there. Each member of the team brings different knowledge and skill and they are so eager to pass it on. The best part of all is the family vibe - every one from the trainers to the members are friendly and welcoming and I have laughed every time I've been in the gym. Thanks Billy, Paul, Alex, Sam and everyone else. You've been a game changer!

- Matt Cunningham